The Trimmings / The Gold Plaque

John Cutler lavished the same amount of care and attention to detail in his choice of trimmings as he had on selecting the vicuna fabric itself. Whilst some elements would never be seen, each had an important role to play in ensuring the garment was of the absolutely highest quality.

All were sourced from trimming houses in Milan and London, including a medium weight woollen body canvas, a very springy horsehair chest piece, a fine soft cotton selicia, wadding made from pure cotton, and the very best pure silk satin lining, the quality of which is rarely seen in any tailored garment.

Pure silk threads of various gauges were selected, all of which would be run through beeswax prior to use, to give added strength and help prevent knotting.

Finally the correct sizes of buffalo horn buttons were selected from a range offered by a premier London supplier, to complement the dark blue of the vicuna fabric.

The Gold Plaque & Chain

Both were made especially for the vicuna overcoat in 18carat yellow gold. Working to a brief from John Cutler they were designed by Master Hand Engraver John Thompson, who also hand engraved the detail using traditional tools, which he made when he was an apprentice in England in the 1960s.