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J.H. Cutler upholds the highest standards of traditional bespoke tailoring, creating clothing of unsurpassed elegance.

Our house cut is based on classic British style and the traditions of Savile Row. Every garment is cut by John Cutler and made by the hands of our passionate and experienced artisans.

Bespoke Tailoring

J.H. Cutler Bespoke Shirt Maker melds precision and craftsmanship to create exceptional shirts for those who want the best.

A comprehensive fabric range from the world’s best producers, any conceivable style or fit, and an unsurpassed attention to detail, function and comfort allow for almost limitless possibilities.

Bespoke Shirt Maker

The Cutler family have maintained the time honoured traditions of bespoke tailoring since 1884.

Having received his formal training as a bespoke cutter in London’s Savile Row, fourth generation bespoke tailor John Cutler has been at the helm since 1976.

The Heritage

CANVAS By J.H. Cutler is an entrée into the world of fine tailoring for men.

Incorporating J.H. Cutler’s made to measure and semi bespoke tailoring, permeated with 135 years of craft and expertise, CANVAS is a luxury menswear offering with the DNA of a bespoke tailoring establishment.


Stefano Bemer Shoemakers Florence Now Available Made to Order with J.H. Cutler.

Bespoke tailor John Cutler and artisan shoe maker Stefano Bemer shared a passion for the finest hand craftsmanship, which laid the foundation for a personal friendship that would span many years.

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