Bespoke Shirt Maker

J.H. Cutler Bespoke Shirt Maker delivers the finest shirts in the world, made to each client’s unique specifications. Founded in 1884, and directed by Sam Hazelton since 2010, we create shirts of distinction, combining the world’s finest fabrics and an uncompromising approach to fit and style with artisanal craftsmanship.

Bespoke Shirt Making

The bespoke process begins with a conversation. Clearly understanding your requirements is paramount if
we are to create garments that are tailored to your lifestyle, and we know what to ask.

A comprehensive range of fabrics, any conceivable style or fit, and an unsurpassed attention to detail, function and comfort allow for almost limitless possibilities.

Pricing & Orders

Single-needle machine sewn bespoke shirts are priced from $470.
Hand-crafted bespoke shirts are priced from $770.
Minimum order of three shirts for your first order.

Two elements that make the process distinctly bespoke are a pattern hand cut from your measurements, and a series of fittings, generally two, through which we achieve the best possible fit for each individual. A fitting shirt is made from your pattern to assess its accuracy prior to making the first of your bespoke shirts.

Once the required fit has been achieved, your first shirt is made from the correct fabric to the finest artisanal standard. The updated pattern and the final specifications of your unique style are retained in order to streamline future orders and ensure continuity of fit and style. J.H. Cutler bespoke shirts can be made via two varieties of artisanal craftsmanship, being single-needle machine sewn, and fully hand sewn.

Single-Needle Craftsmanship

Hand Made Craftsmanship

Shirting Fabric and Trims

More than a century of experience producing bespoke shirts for men gives us unique
insight into the performance and characteristics of many shirting fabrics available today. We source
fabrics from a small number of the world’s best producers, selected for their creativity, expertise and excellence.
Natural fibres, from sturdy heavier weights to ultra-luxurious light weights and casual classics like linen, cashmere
and denim, are expertly handled to create men’s shirts for any dress code or occasion.

Looking for a specific fabric? Email us with your enquiry