Caring For Your Suits

John Cutler recommends:

  • Ideally a suit should be worn only once a week. Time is needed for the natural fibres to rejuvenate and recover after wearing in order to prolong its life.
  • Lift the suit trouser at the knee when sitting to avoid stretching.
  • Don’t stuff pockets full of coins, wallets, keys etc. If you are prone to do this ask your tailor to strengthen the pockets when ordering your suit. He will then use stronger materials.
  • Always remove all objects from pockets before hanging up or storing, otherwise they could end up bulging or sagging.
  • Always hang your suits on a good quality hanger. Wooden hangers are ideal.
  • It is a matter of preference whether trousers are hung on a non-slip cross- bar, or to prevent marking, by clips on the inside of the cuffs. Hanging this way exploits gravity as the weight of the waistband gently weighs down the trousers to restore shape and allows the creases to drop out.
  • Hang in a fresh, cool place with plenty of air space to allow the material to breath and the creases drop out of your clothes.
  • An anti moth strip in your wardrobe is important.
  • Dust and dirt can dull the appearance of fine fabrics. To remove traces of dust or dirt, regularly brush lightly downwards with a good quality clothes brush.
  • Avoid regular dry cleaning as the chemicals used in the process take a toll of the natural properties of the material, so reducing the life of the suit.
  • If planning to store a suit for an extended period, ensure it is clean so bugs don’t take advantage of microscopic food particles and other stains.
  • For storing, a canvas suit bag is much preferred to a plastic one