Custom Made Shirt Styles

All our bespoke shirts are custom made and available with:

  • A selection of collar styles to suit your personal preference
  • Body contoured to individual client requirements
  • Tail length determined by client’s height and personal preference
  • Selection of pleat styles
  • A choice of cuff styles including French, fancy or button cuffs
  • A choice of pocket shapes
  • Removable collar bones (stiffeners)
  • Personalised initialling on shirt front, collar or cuff

In addition to shirts for business wear we also offer shirts for formal wear, leisurewear and sporting wear with prices starting from $360 and there are no additional costs for larger or taller men.

You can also buy a J. H. Cutler Gift Certificate for a family member, friend or business associate where you are able to specify the exact amount to be gifted. The lucky recipient can then call to arrange an appointment with Sam to order their shirt or shirts at a time that suits them.

For more comprehensive information on our bespoke shirts call 02 9232 7122.