Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider buying a bespoke suit from J. H. Cutler?
Bespoke clothing from J. H. Cutler offers the physical comfort and self-confidence of wearing something meticulously hand crafted especially, and exclusively, for you.

Tailored to your exact measurements, and taking into account your own particular physical characteristics no other method produces a better garment for fit, styling, quality and durability.

With 130 years of experience behind us once you have experienced the luxury of bespoke clothing from J. H. Cutler we believe you will never settle for anything less than the same level of perfection again.

Why should I consider buying a bespoke shirt from J. H. Cutler?
There are a number of reasons:

  • We have been in the bespoke clothing business for 130 years and John Cutler’s personal experience in Sydney and London stretches back over 50 years. During this time we have accumulated a wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge
  • We cater for your specific body type and measurements to deliver a shirt that fits perfectly, and without additional cost for larger or taller men
  • We offer a wide choice of different shirt fabrics, collar and cuff styles and pocket shapes to match your individual style and preference
  • We use only the highest quality fabrics and materials which are sourced from Europe, complemented by top quality craftsmanship
  • A shirt specifically tailored to fit your body will last much longer than a shirt with an inferior fit that has just been purchased off the shelf
  • All of our shirt buttons are mother of pearl. Plastic buttons look dull and yellowy in comparison. All other trimmings used are also the best that money can buy
  • We cater for your specific needs and deliver a high level of personal service
  • Our shirts are made here in Sydney which allows us to maintain a tight control on both quality and production lead times
  • Our bespoke shirts are priced from $360 depending on your fabric choice, which we believe represents excellent value for money

What items of clothing should form the basis of a gentleman’s corporate wardrobe?
My recommendation is:

  • Five or six business suits in a variety of colours including plain navy blue, blue stripe, plain charcoal or charcoal herringbone, mid grey or grey stripe and grey flannel. Weights and styles to depend on personal preference and pattern of international travel.
  • Dinner suit
  • Blazer in blue or black
  • Two sports coats
  • Four pairs of casual trousers suitable for wearing with blazer/sports coats
  • 12 business, four casual and one formal, shirts
  • Overcoat

Can you tell me how much you charge for a bespoke shirt and how long will you take to make it for me?
A bespoke shirt from J. H. Cutler will costs from $360 and with our shirts being made here in Sydney you can expect it to take 21 days on average from placing your order.

When ordering a bespoke suit from you for the first time is it true that I get my own personalised pattern?
Absolutely, a precise card pattern is prepared based on your own personal measurements and requirements and is a vital part of the process of producing your bespoke suit. Once your suit is completed we then keep the pattern on file for future reference.

What is the meaning of the term bespoke tailoring?
The origin of the term bespoke dates back to the days when a customer ordering a garment would select and reserve a cloth that was then “bespoken” or “spoken for”.
Today bespoke means “made to personal specification”. It entails meticulous attention to detail, exceptional cutting and making skills, and a wide choice of quality fabrics.
It differs markedly from the more readily available and less expensive “made to measure” garment that is made from a standard pattern and made to fit the customers precise measurements.

What is the meaning of the fabric terms Super 100s, 120s, 150s etc.?
In layman’s terms it is a formula that determines how far a given weight of woollen fibre will spin out to. The higher the number, reflecting the greater distance, indicates the fineness of each individual hair.

How long should I allow for you to complete my bespoke shirt?
It would be sensible to allow a period of 4 weeks from the time of placing your order. If you have a particular requirement for your shirt to be completed in a shorter time frame we will do our utmost, within reason, to accommodate your request.

I am really interested in designing my own fabric and hear that such a service is now available, at least in the UK. Is this something that you offer at J. H. Cutler?
Yes, J. H. Cutler is now able to offer clients truly bespoke fabrics, designed by and for the individual. The process allows you to personally design your own fabric to feature any colour or combination of colours, any pattern and a wide variety of weights for use in the making of your next bespoke suit or jacket. Business principal John Cutler’s more than 47 years experience in bespoke clothing is available to help guide you through the design process.

John then arranges for the fabric to be produced on a wooden 100-year-old sample loom at William Halstead, a Bradford mill in West Yorkshire, England, that has been producing woollen fabrics since 1875. It’s the old style wooden loom that allows us to order the relatively small quantity required for an individual suit.

Where do your shirt fabrics come from?
Our shirt fabrics are sourced from some of the leading fabric houses in the world. Countries of origin include Italy, Switzerland and the UK.

Do you sell Gift Vouchers?
Yes you can buy a J. H. Cutler Gift Certificate for a family member, friend or business associate where you are able to specify the exact amount to be gifted. The lucky recipient can then call to arrange an appointment to choose the garments and/or fashion accessories that suits them.

Will a black suit suffice for a black-tie awards do?

I don’t believe it will. If the dress code says black tie, then you should wear a satin-lapelled tuxedo, a crisp white Marcella shirt, jet black socks and highly polished black shoes.