MTM Shirts

Expertly fitted by bespoke shirt maker Sam Hazelton, CANVAS made to measure shirts offer the finest single needle machine sewn quality and comprehensive style options with superb ease & convenience.

Available in a variety of different fits for different body types, the fitting process involves selecting your size in the most appropriate fit for you, and making the necessary adjustments to suit your unique proportions. The available adjustments to the fit are neck circumference, sleeve length, body length & shaping through the body.

The style options for CANVAS made to measure shirts are vast, including a full range of collars, cuffs, pockets, plackets & pleating styles. Finishing details for collars & cuffs include fused, floating canvas or un-fused, and different top stitching styles. The finest quality hand embroidered silk monogram is available in a variety of colours and positions on the shirt. CANVAS made to measure shirts start from $330 depending on cloth, with a general lead time of 4 weeks.