An unparalleled expression of the bespoke tailor’s art.

At J. H. Cutler, Australia’s, and one of the worlds, most highly regarded bespoke tailors and shirt makers, our philosophy is to understand and fulfil the commission of each individual client, to maintain the highest standards of traditional bespoke tailoring and to create clothing of unsurpassed elegance, comfort and quality.

When commissioned by a client, who lives in North America, to make him a bespoke overcoat of truly exceptional quality I, with the enthusiastic support of the gentleman in question, set out to create the ultimate expression of the bespoke tailor’s art.

Using only the very finest of materials from around the world including vicuna the world’s most expensive fabric, the highest levels of workmanship, and with every stage executed entirely by hand, my team of world class craftsmen and I created a bespoke overcoat that I am confident cannot be bettered anywhere in Australia, or overseas.

This section of our website records the making of this garment. You might also be interested to hear that a book on the making of this overcoat, the materials we used and the craftsmen and women who made this whole project possible, was published in mid-2013. Written by the American author Meg Lukens Noonan it is entitled The Coat Route: Luxury & Obsession on the Trail of a $50,000 Coat. The book is on sale in Australia, the United States, the UK, Germany and Taiwan.

You can find out more about my Sydney bespoke tailoring and shirt making business at or you are welcome to call me on (+61) 2 9232 7122.

John Cutler