At J. H. Cutler our clients can choose from a select range of vicuna fabrics from some of the world’s leading fabric houses. They include:

Scabal Pure Worsted Spun Vicuna

Scabal lay claim to having produced the first ever 100% worsted spun vicuna, referring to it as the most luxurious fabric in the world. Because vicuna is so fine, at 12 microns in diameter it is the finest fibre that is capable of being spun, it has only recently been technically feasible to process pure vicuna into suit-quality fabric. Scabal achieved this by selecting only the longer fibres for spinning into yarn.

The result is a clean-cut fabric with an amazing lightness and a softness that is instantly apparent to the touch. It comes in a small collection of classic patterns.

Holland & Sherry Pure Worsted Spun Vicuna

In mid-2008 Holland & Sherry launched a 310gm, 100% worsted spun pure vicuna fabric in solid shades of navy, black and natural. The vicuna yarn comes from vicuna lambs and the fabric is finished in natural spring water.

Loro Piana Zenit 100% Vicuna

The Italian company Loro Piana have had a close association with vicuna over a number of years and contribute to the protection and conservation of the species in South America. They offer their Zenit range of 100% vicuna fabrics in a number of weights for different applications. The range consists of 560gr fur look overcoat, 520gr overcoat, 390gr jacket and 310gr worsted jacket. All are available in black, blue and natural.

Loro Piana 93% Vicuna/7% Silk Blend

Also available from Loro Piana is a blend of vicuna and silk in 310gr and 250gr weight fabrics. The former is suitable for jackets, the latter for jackets and suits. It comes in a small range of shades including a mid brown Prince of Wales check.

Dormeuil Vanquish – New “Hyper” Luxury Suiting Fabric

The international fabric house Dormeuil is another company who have had a long association with vicuna. They have been in business for over 165 years, and recently launched Vanquish, the first ever suiting to combine two of the world’s softest natural fibres, vicuna and pashmina.

Vicuna, which comes from the animal of the same name that roams the High Andes in South America at altitudes above 4,000 meters, will already be familiar to most of you. Pashmina is sourced from the pashmina goat raised by nomads on the wind swept, icy high plains of Ladakh in the Himalayas. In order to withstand the intense cold the goat grows a thick and extremely fine fleece, which is trimmed rather than sheared, to avoid damaging the delicate fibres that are eight times thinner than the human hair.

Expert hands meticulously sort the fibres of both animals; only the best are selected, and the first treatment takes place in the respective countries of origin. Weaving and finishing is carried out in England using traditional methods including the repeated rinsing of the fabric in the exceptionally pure waters of the North Yorkshire moors. The final blend of 20% vicuna and 80% pashmina is designed to achieve maximum softness and a beautiful drape in a truly sumptuous fabric.

Vanquish is produced in very limited quantities and is one of the most expensive suiting fabrics that you can buy. It is available from only one or two bespoke tailors in each of the major markets around the world and I am delighted to say that Dormeuil have appointed J. H. Cutler as their stockist in Australia. I have a number of samples of the fabric available if you would like to see them.