Making Your Shirt

Following a personal consultation with Sam Hazelton, who manages our shirt making business, to ascertain your requirements, a series of up to 13 key measurements are taken, and details such as which wrist you wear your watch on are noted, along with other unique physical characteristics.

Sam will then assist you in choosing the most appropriate shirting fabric, and selecting collar, pleat and cuff styles that best complement your individual style.

Your chosen shirting fabric will be cut, based on all the information collected and your shirt made by our skilled team here in Sydney. After the shirt is made the finished it will be checked against the order for specification and quality.

We prefer to make one shirt initially for each new bespoke customer, using this as an opportunity to perfect each customer’s unique pattern, and ask that the customer wears the shirt and has it laundered at least twice. Another fitting after this has taken place allows us to do a final check of the fit before cutting subsequent shirts.

The result will be a shirt of the absolute highest quality that exactly matches your own unique shape, ensures maximum comfort and wearability and is a true expression of your personal style.

Having established your preferred style and fit, full details including your own individual measurements, specific requirements and fabric choices will then be entered into our files for safekeeping and to act as a template for future ordering. This makes the process of you ordering further bespoke shirts at a later date both easy and efficient.

We normally recommend that you allow a period of 21 days on average from the time of placing your order to delivery of your bespoke shirt or shirts.

Cufflink and Ties

When buying your bespoke shirt why not also consider complementing your purchase with a new pair of cufflinks. We offer superb bespoke hand engraved cufflinks in 18ct gold, sterling silver or platinum, which can feature your monogram, family crest or coat of arms. Using traditional engraving methods unchanged since the Middle Ages, each piece is individually crafted by Sydney-based Master Hand Engraver John W. Thompson. Seal or signet rings and tiepins are also available.

We also have available for you a selection of fine silk ties and bow ties from Stefano Ricci, the Italian company considered by many to be the finest tie designers in the world, the French fashion house Dormeuil and our own ties produced for J. H. Cutler in Italy.
Special orders can also be produced for clubs, corporations and associations.

For more comprehensive information on our bespoke shirts call 02 9232 7122.

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