Caring For Your Shirts

John Cutler recommends:

  1. Remember to remove collar stiffeners and cufflinks before washing.
  2. Shirts should be washed by hand or machine, in water no hotter than 40 degrees centigrade.
  3. When machine-washing use the gentlest cycle and place shirts in a lingerie bag to prevent the collars and cuffs chafing during the spin cycle.
  4. Wash dark colours separately.
  5. Do not tumble dry shirts, but allow to drip dry on a coat hanger.
  6. Iron shirts when slightly damp, or with the aid of a water spray. Special care should be taken to iron the collar away from the points.
  7. For dark shirts iron on the inside of the collar to avoid fading.
  8. Hang your shirt on a suitable hanger after ironing.
  9. To restore colour and brightness, shirts can be soaked in Napisan every four or five wears.
  10. Resew buttons that work loose to avoid losing them.