What is Bespoke?

The origin of the term bespoke dates back to the days when a customer ordering a garment would select and reserve a cloth that was then “bespoken” or “spoken for”.

Today bespoke means “made to personal specification”. It entails meticulous attention to detail, exceptional cutting and making skills, and a wide choice of quality fabrics.

It differs markedly from the more widely available “made to measure” item, which is a limited alteration to a pre-determined style and make.

At J. H. Cutler in addition to more traditional garments we pride ourselves on having ability to design and create extremely individual items of clothing that are limited only by the imagination.

Also we offer truly bespoke fabrics, designed by and for the individual.

The process allows you to personally design your own fabric to feature any colour or combination of colours, any pattern and a wide variety of weights for use in the making of your next bespoke suit or jacket. Each suit length, which is manufactured by William Halstead in the UK, is limited edition and comes numbered with a certificate of authenticity and a special woven label inside the presentation gift box.