What are people saying about John Cutler?

Had my suit made end of last year. I had a few requests for design and didn’t have a normal suit made. John excelled with this new concept, my suit was perfect. Sam’s skills with my shirts have been 2nd to none. I’ll be back soon gentleman for a new sports coat and more shirts. – Steve Rundle

What John excels in is realizing a dream of remarkable personal comfort which is exquisite in detail, quality and refinement.– Philip, Wagga Wagga, NSW

I picked up three pairs of trousers from John today, and I know that when I wear those I’m going to feel absolutely fantastic. It’s just so good to know you have something new and something special that is going to fit you and look good and make you feel well.– Tony, Melbourne, Victoria

To be able to express yourself in the joy of wearing (bespoke clothes)…. it’s like art. Going into John’s shop is like going into an art gallery. You feel enlightened and enlivened.– Craig, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney

Once you are hooked, you are hooked for life.David, Blue Mountains, NSW

All of my suits, jackets and trousers are John’s. I threw everything else away because they didn’t fit right.– Craig, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney

He’s a sweet person Mr Cutler, a good man, a real clothing man.– Stefano Ricci, Florence, Italy

Hi John, love my new suit. Thanks so much it is truly beautiful. I am getting lots of compliments.– David, Sydney

I am devoted to his (John Cutler’s) work and have a closet full of nothing but his clothes.– Keith, Vancouver, British Columbia

The business was founded by his great-grandfather in 1884, and John Cutler trained at London’s Tailor & Cutter Academy alongside Savile Row’s best. He still measures, cuts and fits every suit himself.– Amanda Hooton, Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend Magazine

Over the past decade, J. H. Cutler has been listed by the likes of Forbes as among the best top 10 tailors in the world and even got an exceptionally spruce Guernsey among the select ranks of Lord Lichfield’s 100 Best Things.– Marguerite Winter, Australian Financial Review Magazine

Back in the fashion Dark Ages, a small group of Australian craftspeople were keeping the specialist skills like tailoring alive. They had to be exceptionally good to survive, which means that Australia today has a small group of tailors, milliners, shoemakers and designers who can create superb bespoke (custom made) pieces for you.

Nothing better illustrates this than the work of John Cutler, a fourth-generation tailor, raised in Sydney but trained in London. Although at first he appears quiet, calm and discreet, he becomes passionate when talking about his work. And thanks to his eye for detail and his willingness to do what it takes to achieve perfection, he has Japanese, European and American clients beating a path to his door.– Felicity Carter, Where Magazine